Are you fascinated with Scandinavian Design?

Do you dream of living in a home built with unique Scandinavian Design elements?

MNTArkiteter can help you achieve your dream. Our Danish educated and trained architects are highly experienced in developing exclusive, Nordic Design residential housing projects. And we do it worldwide.

Would you like to hear, how your next house can be drawn by a Danish architect?

Then send us an e-mail outlining and describing your ideas, dreams and of course any special requirements along with a description of the site you wish to build on. We will then contact you by phone or e-mail – which ever you prefer – and together we’ll see what we can do.

Or pick up the phone and give us a call. We speak Danish and English (and a little bit of German).

E-mail: rune@mntarkitekter.dk

+45 9785 0833

The design process:

Personal meeting: an integral part of the design process is meeting with our customers and hearing and seeing what it is exactly you want and expect. Therefore, the optimal design process begins with a meeting, either personally or by digital conference call.

Pictures and Maps: in order to achieve the highest quality home that meet all your needs and wants, it is important that pictures, maps, drawings etc. are made available to us. Or, that we have the opportunity to see the building site.

Design: When we have all the information from you that we need, we will begin the design and development process ending with a 3D proposal for you.

This design process costs is typical between €5.000 – €15.000, depending on the size of the projekt and how special the project is. This amount does not include any travel expenses.

Detailed design:

We are not specialists in local building requirements worldwide – So what you buy from us is the idea, shape, functional layout and Nordic style. But we would like to help ensure the quality of the design in the process after the proposal, in cooperation with a local advisor.

Who are we?

MNTArkitekter is a small Danish firm situated on the banks of the “Limfjorden” in Struer, Denmark. We serve primarily the Danish market but take on special projects all over the world.

Give us a call or write us an e-mail. And let’s get started on designing your Nordic Style dream home.

E-mail: rune@mntarkitekter.dk

+45 9785 0833


Fælledvej 17

DK-7600 Struer




  • Nordic style
  • Low-energy building
  • Exclusive homes
  • Light
  • Functional design
  • Minimalism
  • Danish architecture